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Discover, analyze, monitor and make forecasts more assertive with
Business Discovery

Interact with your data without limits and get insights like you never imagined

With our Business Discovery products, your decision-making become clearer, fast and secure.

Through analysis and associations of real-time data, generate graphs and dashboards that provide broad view about the events and the actual performance of your company.

Stop trying to guess what happens to your business and based on real data.

Simple and powerful dashboards and reports
Simple and powerful dashboards and reports
Simple and powerful dashboards and reports

DTM puts you in control of your business

Business Discovery - Análises e associações de dados em tempo real

In collaboration with your team, we improve your business processes and operational performance through the implementation of Data / Business Discovery in your organization. We offer consulting, development, training and support on projects involving Business Discovery.

DTM can integrate Business Discovery solutions with any system, including its CRM, ERP and other systems.

Key Benefits of Business Discovery

Immediate presentation of results

Know whole situation of the involved areas based on business information as well as the performance indicators at any time

Analyze in detail all activities and critical processes that should receive corrective actions or improvements

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis
Simple and clear view of complex data

Visualize the activities of the areas through a full set of charts and reports that enable a more effective and agile decision making

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