DTM - Simplifying Ideas

Relate better with customers, employees and partners through the implementation of
Salesforce CRM

Optimize the way your company does business. Connect with customers, partners and employees in a whole new way, using Salesforce1 platform.

More flexibility for growing your business with security, speed and scalability. Extend your sales processes to meet your needs. Automate processes and workflows.

Customers, partners, employees, devices and applications connected

Turn opportunities on business

We transform processes in technologic solutions by using Salesforce platform and applications. We understand your processes, customize, develop and fully integrate the Salesforce platform with legacy applications and other systems.

CRM consulting and implementing

Our team of experts is highly qualified to deploy, configure and adapt CRM to reality of your company. We extend the capabilities of Salesforce in days, quickly and efficiently.

FORCE.COM development

DTM team faces any challenge.
We are experts on the Force.com platform, on projects involving Heroku, Apex and Visualforce.

AppExchange development

We act in the whole process, from development to publishing your application on AppExchange. If a product adds new features to Salesforce or integrates with other existing products on the Force.com platform, we build!

SalesCloud - Salesforce CRM

DTM acts at all stages of implementation of Salesforce CRM in your organization.
We are a reference in Salesforce consulting in Brazil.
We offer high quality certified consultants in Salesforce technology.

Survey and analysis of current processes

Processes implementation and parameterization features

Development of specific processes of business

Development of integrations with other systems

Data Migration

Training of system administrators and key users

Evaluation of use

Monitoring the implementation

DTM - Cloud Alliance Partner

Force.com + Heroku + DTM

We are experts in Heroku, a cloud platform (PaaS) that supports several programming languages ​​and services. The platform was acquired by Salesforce in 2011 and integrated to Force.com for the companies to develop and scale applications with Salesforce quickly and easily.

Force.com - Platform for application development in the cloud Heroku - Cloud platform that enables you to develop, publish and scale applications

With DTM expertise in Force.com and Heroku, we bring to our customers the best of both worlds. The robustness of Force.com and agility of Heroku.

DTM strategy

Our iterative approach allows us to deliver value quickly, in steps that impact the business in days rather than months.


Having an initial conversation and learn about your business goals is the first step in any IT project. Let's understand your business and how it relates to its employees and customers.


Held understanding, we elaborate a complete list of activities that impact the business. Divide that list into "MUST HAVE", "GOOD TO HAVE" and "PERFECT WORLD"


With the requirements and priorities raised, our team prepares possible panoramas. We have knowledge and experience to offer the best offer according to your schedule and budget.


Working in collaboration with you, we build your solution, making sure all the requirements and priorities. While maintaining the security, scalability, and the ultimate goal in mind.


Each completed activity is released for you to use in practice what has been developed. This allows you to assess the need for adjustments and repriorize or add new demands to the activity list.


DTM support after development completion. Ensuring the proper functioning and system evolution.

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