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The ideal way to give a gift to who you like with just 3 clicks. Find a friend, choose a product and click gift!

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To make life easier for those who want to give Facebook friends, the entrepreneurs Pedro Silveira and Rafael Vogel created the Serengifty. It's a free app for Android and iOS, and a web application, which aims to facilitate the exchange of gifts between friends.

This is a simple and brilliant idea. You create a profile in the app with important details so that your friends can know what gift them and vice versa. Information such as address, measures of the clothes, habits, interests and wish list, are some very useful details at the time of exchanging gifts.

When login the app with Facebook account, you receive the list of friends ordered by the proximity of their birthdays. Just find a friend, choose the gift and the Serengifty does the rest. The presented friend, can send a thank you through the application posting a picture.

We used Rails, Phone-gap and Heroku for application development. Both the web version and the mobile application has great performance. Synchronizing with Facebook is instantaneous. The major concern of the DTM with the UX application reveals looks very attractive with a fluid navigation, simplifying user actions to achieve your goal, which is to find the right gift for a particular friend.

Serengifty - over 5000 gift options

Today, the Serengifty has over 5000 gift options, including clothing, perfumes, computers, smartphones, sporting goods and more.