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Vivo Open Air's event information accessible from anywhere! The application is available on Google Play and App Store.

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The Vivo Open Air is the largest outdoor film festival in the world. Besides the main attraction, which is the movie screen of 325 square meters, the event brings together musical attractions, parties and cuisine.

With thousands of people expected for the event every day, it became essential develop a tool to facilitate access, from anywhere, to informations such as grid of attractions, location and points of ticket sales.

The deadline for develop mobile app was short, since the event would begin in a few days. It would also be necessary to integrate the app with the customer's Salesforce, to record and monitor the actions of users in the application and make data analysis.

The DTM was nominated for the challenge, for its recognized expertise in Heroku and Salesforce. The application was designed, developed and integrated in just 3 days, resulting in the complete satisfaction of the stakeholders and success of public acceptance.

Vivo - Integrated technologies: Rails, Heroku and Salesforce
Event schedule by day

Event schedule in a simple and beautiful interface.

Application administration interface

We develop web administration interface for editing in real time, the event information in the mobile application.